something tasty is coming….

If by any chance you follow us on Instagram or have just been around here long enough to get to know our family, then you know that we love to eat. We cherish good food. Honestly, I somehow managed to completely LUCK out and score a man that not only knows his way around a kitchen-he’d prefer to just live there. The boy can cook up a mean meal…and he does it with so much love. He takes pride in researching, teaching us, and feeding us the best stuff around. So I got this idea that maybe it’s time to share this gift that he has with others. (*Note: He would be mortified that I just called it a “gift,” but truly, it is…and I don’t have it.)

The more I thought about it, the more I encouraged him to do something with this passion! He needed to somehow share this love and knowledge of food and nutrition. And so, the concept of Baba’s Table was born. His site will SOON be LIVE and we really hope that you will follow along, and that (hopefully) it will help you out in the kitchen. It will be a place where recipes from all over the world will be shared. A place that focuses on getting people back to the basics of WHOLE FOODS from nature, and working on cutting out processed. A place where old world tradition and wisdom are reborn. Most of all, a place where the entire family is brought into the kitchen- where together they enjoy the entire process of making a meal happen, and together sit down to reap the benefits of their labor; learning true appreciation of experience.

Baba’s Table will center around food, the family unit, and true nourishment. We welcome you to be a part!

And for fun….

Our family was just featured in a GORGEOUS local online magazine called 513 {eats}!! This is a Cincinnati based online magazine which beautifully showcases wonderful places to eat around our city. We were honored to have them into our home and kitchen, and have our family featured in their summer issue…..




Gina and Ilene, the main gals behind the beautiful online magazine, put together such a gorgeous collection of photographs and words. I encourage you to look through the entire issue, and you will find our article in the table of contents under “En Famille.”