lindsay & nick

About a month ago we were filmed for a Life in Balance promo video, which we will soon be sharing on our site! As part of the film we photographed a lovely couple, and below are the results of that session. This shoot was a bit different of a vibe for us….being filmed while we were photographing someone else. I’m embarrassed to think of what we look like….we get so into our shoots that we end up in crazy stances, our shirts get all mangled, and my hair almost always looks insane. Hmmm, it’s sure to be interesting, indeed. ;)

So, have you ever gotten to know someone online and thought, “We would be great real-life friends”? Well, that’s exactly how Lindsay and I both felt about each other, and eventually (after years of chatting online and such) we finally met. Now, Brett and I just adore Lindsay and her husband Nick. There is just something about these two that makes you want to be around them. They’re good-hearted, very genuine people. They also happen to be two of the most creative and motivated people we’ve ever met, and I so admire the way they just get out there and make their dreams a reality….case in point-The City Flea, of which they are the founders.

Having lived in Brooklyn, NY and spending time at their wonderful flea market, they missed it greatly after moving back to Cincinnati. Soon after, they connected with people around town and realized there is a WONDERFUL artistic community here that was hardly known! There was so much room for growing and sharing this community, while also promoting local business. They recognized this great opportunity for our city, and The City Flea was born. It successfully ran all last summer (and even had a fall and winter encore!) and I went as often as my schedule allowed. I was in LOVE. I now see our city in a very new and beautiful light. We have some amazing talent in this town, and I’ve really enjoyed taking part in supporting our local artists and creatives that we would have most likely never known existed.  The City Flea kicks off again for the summer THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 9th!! If you’re around this area, do yourself a favor and make it out.

I’m starting this post off with a photo that just reminds me of what these two are to me: a very lovely couple, not afraid to dream. Linds and Nick, thanks again for being a part of our project!



*These were a mix of digital and film shots taken with the Canon 5D MarkII, Contax 645, and Leica M4-P.*