Anna & Mike {wedding}

This was a special wedding for us. I connected with Anna around twelve years ago, in the beginning of the social media craze, on a site known as MySpace. I was beginning my photography business, and Anna was an artist, poet, photographer, and all around creative. What really drew me to her was her sincerity and kindness. Although we hadn’t met, she seemed to always have the sweetest outlook. Over the years we continued to follow each other on life’s journey, and she was a constant support to me.

One day I received an email from Anna sharing that she was getting married! Going to Florida to photograph her and Mike wasn’t even a question in our minds! So, after many years of “knowing” each other we finally met in real life two days before her wedding! She was just as sweet and delightful as I imagined, and had found a man who is head-over-heels in love with that big heart of hers…


They had a beautiful rustic style wedding at a gorgeous venue in Plant City, Florida. Anna’s dress reminded me of the 1920’s and absolutely topped my list for most favorite gown.AnnaMike006

Of course she finished off the look with these lovely boots!


Meanwhile Mike and the boys were getting ready and looking dapper…


Anna helping her oldest boy with his hair  :)


There were a couple points in this wedding where my eyes were tear-filled. One was when her two sons so proudly walked their sweet mama down the isle to Mike, who was wiping tears away himself.


The cord signified them joining together as a couple, and then the boys were joined in as well.


Mike, it was so precious witnessing the way you love Anna.


Anna, you’re simply stunning.

AnnaMike025AnnaMike030 AnnaMike032AnnaMike031AnnaMike034AnnaMike033 AnnaMike035AnnaMike028 AnnaMike036  AnnaMike038AnnaMike037

And then the moment when Anna’s eldest son danced with her…

He was holding her so tightly and gazing up with such love and adoration. Then her little guy joined. Heart melt!

AnnaMike039 AnnaMike041 AnnaMike042AnnaMike043 AnnaMike044 AnnaMike045 AnnaMike046

Anna and Mike, your day was as near perfect as could be! Thank you so much for inviting us to be among your family and friends to witness the beginning of your life together. Much love and happiness to you both!

Jess & Brett






Hannah & Jordan

Nearly a decade ago I photographed Hannah’s high school senior photos, so I was beyond thrilled to receive an email from her asking us to photograph her wedding! Since beginning our photography business, nothing tops the honor of following a person and being able to document the same soul on this journey through life.

Due to Cincinnati weather we were forced to postpone their session twice, once for sweltering heat, and once for rain, but it ended up just fine. The day of our session couldn’t have been any more perfect, and the late autumn we were experiencing in Cincinnati happened to be at its peak time.

hannahjordan009hannahjordan005hannahjordan002hannahjordan007hannahjordan010 hannahjordan013 hannahjordan015hannahjordan011 hannahjordan018 hannahjordan020hannahjordan012hannahjordan019 hannahjordan021 hannahjordan024hannahjordan023 hannahjordan027 hannahjordan030hannahjordan029

Hannah and Jordan, we look forward to your big day coming up this fall!