about Balance

For years we struggled to keep our photography business and family life separate. Letting that go, releasing the fear of being who we are, and encompassing all that makes up our lives has brought us to where we are today. No more double life. Our love of photography has simply become integrated as a part of our family.

Trying to juggle four children, homeschool, run our own business, all while maintaining sanity is a never ending battle for balance. Everyday we’re forced to reevaluate and continue to grow. We haven’t found the perfect formula. Who has? Some days we fail, others we succeed, but the beautiful part is we don’t give up. Along this journey we’ve come to realize there are many working through these same trials and struggles. How refreshing and encouraging it can be knowing you are not alone. In opening up about our lives and sharing our quest for balance with others, we stumbled upon an unexpected calling to share our everyday ups and downs.

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